10 26 13_1325_efmmdhc“Hello, my name is Julie, and I live in Lakeville. We were blessed 8 years ago with a beautiful baby girl. As adorable as she was, we wanted to send her back. That may sound shocking, but it’s a normal feeling in the heat of dealing with a colicky baby with acid reflux. We decided to try chiropractic, what did we have to lose?

We met an amazing support staff and loving doctors at Turning Leaf who listened to our concerns. The best part was they gave us the sweet baby girl we love. Within two weeks, the colic and reflux were gone! I now understand that our systems cannot function properly when we are not in balance. My daughter was out of balance and chiropractic was and still is the answer for our family.

We continue to visit our chiropractor twice a month. Why do we do this? Because it works. Our family does not get sick. We do not pass around one sick bug after another like many families. My chiropractor is my go-to person for every ailment my family faces whether it be an ear ache or even a broken bone. She is my counsel, and it has been wonderful having someone to help guide me in my children’s health over the years.

At Turning Leaf Chiropractic, they are not just concerned about fixing your symptoms, they are concerned with your overall health and helping you discover the root of your problem.

Although, we originally started chiropractic for our baby, we see how beneficial it is for every member of our family in different ways. I highly recommend chiropractic for everyone. I don’t think we would be as healthy of a family if we had not taken that step and discovered the healing benefits of chiropractic.”

Dr. Jill Hammes and Dr. Betsy Oakland-Garey have been practicing chiropractic at Turning Leaf Chiropractic in Lakeville for 12 years. Through the years they have worked with all ages of individuals from newborn to elderly with the same goal, to allow families to experience the best, healthiest life available. In addition to chiropractic care, TLC also offers massage therapy, acupuncture, and nutrition.

To find out how chiropractic can benefit you and your family, call to make an appointment 952-898-0525